Elementary School (ECA) Grades 1 – 6

The Escuela Colina Azul, Grades 1-6, is a MEP-certified (Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education). All grades are kept to a maximum of 16 students per classroom with a certified grade level teacher for each grade and an assigned teacher intern. The students are provided with an academic curriculum based on the national education standards (MEP), with enrichment classes in English, taught by an English-proficient instructor. Classes include computer communications, music, art and physical education. Special projects and other experiential science curriculum have been implemented through the assistance of parents, teachers and teacher interns.

Creativity is the tool for teaching and learning science, technology, art, and mathematics. By tapping into creativity, students learn to think outside of the box, better communicate and express themselves, work collaborating and building off each other’s ideas.

Activities in the science curricula have ranged from planting and maintaining flower and vegetable gardens, building and studying hydroponics gardens, observing and recording data of ant colony behaviors, and researching and developing beehive technology. Most recently, the students are working with NASA and their GLOBE program by monitoring three basic cloud groups, discussing the cause and effect of specific weather conditions. This hands-on approach promotes science and learning about the environment which is meaningful to our understanding of the earth’s system and global environment.